No one wants to spend money on the home they are getting ready to sell, but it can be crucial if you want to sell the house quickly and for the price you want. Aside from cleaning and eliminating clutter, money may need to be spent in certain areas. You may need to spend a little cash in order to get your property sold, although there are some areas that aren’t necessary to spend money on.

This may seem obvious, but it’s a good place to start. Simply give the house a good cleaning, from top to bottom. Get rid of clutter. If you haven’t used something in several months, discard it. Wash ceilings, walls, woodwork, windows, and floors. In your tiled floors, walls, and countertops, clean the grout. Throw rugs can be washed or replaced, and carpets should be steam cleaned. Fix all broken things. Replace broken light fixtures, patch holes or cracks, fix or replace worn or broken window shades or blinds, patch or replace screens in windows, replace cracked or broken windows.

Finish all repair work that you have left. You are hindering offers if there are obvious repairs that need to be made, and the buyer’s home inspector will find those issues anyway. The overall maintenance of the home looks bad when there are unfinished repairs or projects, and are a red flag for potential purchasers. A home inspection report riddled with needed repairs and safety concerns will make a buyer pull out of a deal and run for the hills.

Be sure to paint. And start with the ceilings. Buyers stare at ceilings more than you would think. Signs of a leaky roof are what they are looking for, but they don’t want to see grease or smoke stains and ceiling cracks either. New paint is the most cost effective improvement, and nothing else says freshness like it does. On large cracks, use fiberglass tape and cover it with joint compound and sand. Paint a neutral color such as light tan.

If you have old or stained carpet, you should consider replacing it before putting it on the market. Sometimes a professional cleaning is enough to do the trick, but it might not be good enough to show it. Stained or dated carpet is a huge turnoff to potential buyers, especially if you have pets. No one is interested in purchasing a house with carpet stained by other peoples’ pets, even if they are pet lovers themselves.

The light available in your home should be maximized. Every buyer cites good light as the one thing that that they want in a home, after location. Let in sunshine by cutting the bushes outside, remove the drapes, wash the windows, change the lampshades, and increase the wattage of your light bulbs. Your house will be more sellable if you make it bright and cheery.

If you do it yourself and use some creative planning and ideas, fixing up your home can be painless and inexpensive. You’re off to a good start with these tips.

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